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Improving Software Reliability via Mining Software Engineering Data

Speakers: Tao Xie
Topic(s): Knowledge Discovery in Data,Open Source,Software Engineering


Since late 90’s, various data mining techniques have been applied to analyze software engineering data, and have achieved many noticeable successes in improving software reliability. Substantial experience, development, and lessons of data mining for software engineering pose interesting challenges and opportunities for new research and development. This talk will present recent state-of-the-art research on mining software engineering data for improving software reliability. First, the speaker will present a problem-driven methodology in advancing the field of mining software engineering data. More specifically, researchers empirically investigate problems in the software engineering domain and identify required types of patterns for addressing those problems. Second, the speaker will present new mining algorithms for mining these required types of patterns, rather than being constrained by available mining algorithms from the data mining community. Finally, the speaker will present a roadmap for future research on mining software engineering data.


About this Lecture

Number of Slides: 50
Duration: 60 minutes
Languages Available: English
Last Updated: 03-04-2011
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