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Pathways to Technology Transfer and Adoption: Achievements and Challenges

Speakers: Tao Xie
Topic(s): Career-Related Topics,Computers and Society,Security & Information Protection,Software Engineering


Producing industrial impact has often been one of the important goals of academic or industrial researchers when conducting research. However, it is generally challenging to transfer research results into industrial practices. There are some common challenges faced when pursuing technology transfer and adoption while particular challenges for some particular research areas. At the same time, various opportunities also exist for technology transfer and adoption. This talk presents achievements and challenges of technology transfer and adoption in various areas in software engineering, with examples drawn from research areas such as software analytics along with software testing and analysis. This talk highlights success stories in industry, research achievements that are transferred to industrial practice, and challenges and lessons learned in technology transfer and adoption. 


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Number of Slides: 50
Duration: 60 minutes
Languages Available: English
Last Updated: 06-10-2014
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